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Our Vision


Real Life, Real People is more than just a tag-line. Its who we are as a church family. No masks, no games, just real life people doing real life together



Everyone is on a spiritual journey. We want to come alongside you to assist you on your journey in life.

  • Meet God - Begin a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and worship Him regularly.

  • Follow Christ - Join a Bible Study or Small Group where you can grow in Christ and fellowship with others.

  • Serve Others - Join a Ministry Team to serve the Lord and the needs of others.

  • Change the World - Share the love of God with your family and friends (OIKOS)


Oikos is a Greek word found in the New Testament.  It basically refers to our extended household.  For further clarification, think of your oikos as…

  • A group of eight to fifteen people with whom you do life

  • Your sphere of influence

  • The most natural environment for evangelism 

  • The people for whom God wants to prepare you to be an ideal instrument of His grace

  • A microcosm of the world at large, for whom God sent His Son - that all who place their faith in Jesus would be delivered from bondage to sin and enjoy abundant life.

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